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Global Eclipse, one for the Mindful Massive books!

Global Eclipse Gathering, now that was the party of the century! I heard someone describe it as "The Woodstock of our generation"... let that set in. If you were in Oregon for the eclipse, then you know what I'm talking about. Mindful Massive was heavily involved with this event from beginning to end, running the Power and Fuel departments, ensuring the event never missed a beat. This was the largest event Mindful Massive has ever had such a deep role in, and our crew shined. Collectively (a 17 person team) laid 15 miles of cable, weighing in at around 100,000 pounds, we slung 30,000 gallons of fuel into generators, machines, trucks, light towers and equipment. In addition, we provided thousands of gallons of propane to every food vendor, shower, heater and hot air balloon. Our team never stopped smiling all while working 18 hr days for over a month. We had a part of every single space, ALL OF THEM, and were able to work with talented individuals from all over the world. We had an amazing experience, and I personally could not be more proud of this team of super humans collected together as Mindful Massive. Big shouts to Colin Tucker, Phil Dougar, Alex Harris, Canadian Ryan, Ian Clark, Sarge, Chase Norvich, Paisley Nicole, Ben Woodman, Brutus Mike, Snax Ian, Brad Gorman, Jack Rozenkrantz, MyeKal Cotich, Celeah Norris and Daimon Ewart.

#mindfulmassive #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #noweaklinks #power #fuel #propane

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