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Mindful Massive is Cookin' Up a Magical New Stage for Enchanted Forest!

We are in the process of designing and building a swanky new stage for the Swimming Hole at Enchanted Forest 2016! Mindful Massive stage crew is excited to transform this environment using intricate swirling designs with rich fabrics and royal hues. Don't forget your fancy top hat and floater for this magical day party! Tea anyone???

In addition to stage curating, other members of Mindful Massive are also assisting with the production and site operations for Enchanted Forest. We thoroughly enjoy working with this intimate festival that aims to provide lush environments, delicious nourishments, excellent workshops, a variety of yoga, and top quality music. It's all in the details here, people! If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, grab 'em quickly before they're gone!

Enchanted Forest FB

Ticketing Link

See You in the Forest!!!!

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